Williams Fire! Support brackets

I designed this after buying a pinball that had the typical broken ramps (because of all the force of the ball hitting the blunt wall, and putting pressure on the mounting post).  Because these ramps are large and seem to be unobtanium, I decided to make these.  So far I've had 60 happy customers.  If you have bad ramps, these will help prevent them from further damage (and they add a nice industrial look).  If you have good ramps, these will save your ramps from getting cracked by distributing all the force through the aluminum brackets.  I can leave them bare, or paint them before shipping.

Installation Instructions

Q: Are you planning on running more?
A: No

Q: Why not?
A: I feel like I've saturated the market  selling about 60 sets, and if I were to have a waiting list now it would take forever to fill that list for the minimum order.

Q: Ok, so how do I get a set then?
Good News: I am making them open source.  Here are the DXF files at 1:1 scale:
Bad News: You have to find a vendor to make them for you.  While the process I made them was cost efficient (waterjet), it required me to run 9 sets at a time.  For one pair, I reccommend getting them made using a laser cutter.  They should be 1/16" aluminum, and will probably run you about $20 a piece.

Q: What hardware do I need to install?
A: Buy screws and nuts from Mcmaster, 25 will be needed. 
The part numbers are:
91099A152 and90675A005