Don't care about theme integrated bezel?
Trying to save money?
Have an idea for a bezel and just need a starting point?
Don't want to wait for my queue of projects and just want a TV in your game?


This does require soldering and some skill, but a detailed instruction manual comes with it.
So long as you solder carefully without crossing pins you will be fine.
What comes with that kit:
3.5" LCD
8gb micro SD card with the video looping program pre-installed
8gb or larger short usb stick with generic sample video
Raspberry pi zero
12v - 2A AC plug with 5 feet of cord and a quick disconnect plug
12v to 5v buck conversion board (to run the pi)
3D printed bezel with mounting slot, and spaces to mount: LCD, raspberry pi (2 screws included), 12v-->5v pcb

Price: $90