Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Any video shown of a mod with licensed material is for demonstration purposes only.  All mods come with a generic sample video.  If you desire to change the video out it is very easy (instructions coming soon)
Any mods that have licensed logos are also for demonstration purposes.  I will include a sample decal that can easily be applied to any bezels.

I've had such a backlog, and it's getting bigger everyday.  I've gone from a simple pinball modder to a 3d printing house which has bumped other jobs.  Not only am I a one man show, I'm also a one 3d printer capacity.   Today I purchased a 2nd printer so I'm hoping that helps my output.  I apologize to all those waiting on LCD mods, I've simply gotten over my head.  I will continue to work on them in the order that I've recieved them.



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